3rd Workshop of Experimental Philosophy Group UK

Workshop Announcement:

Intuitions, Experiments and Philosophy
3rd Workshop of Experimental Philosophy Group UK
8-9th September 2012, University of Nottingham

For further details, including contact details and online registration, go to the conference webpage (presenters do not have to register).

Presentations will include:

Jessica Brown (Arché, St Andrews) X-phi and epistemic norms
Shaun Nichols (Philosophy, Arizona) Two Senses of Self
Simone Schnall (Psychology, Cambridge) Embodied Morality
James Andow (Nottingham) ‘Intuition’ Exploded, but Where?
Martin Bruder (Konstanz) Overdemanding Consequentialism? An Experimental Approach
Florian Cova (Geneva) I couldn’t have done otherwise
Jeremy Goodman (Oxford) Intuition and Perceiving Reasons
Ivar Hannikainen (Sheffield) Agent and patient foci in third-party moral evaluation
Barbara Kreilkamp & Luca Pogoda (Osnabrück) Title TBC
Aaron Meskin (Leeds) Aesthetic Adjectives
Bence Nanay (Antwerp & Cambridge) Between actions and mere bodily movements: the gray zone of action attributions
Gabriela Pavarini (Cambridge) What’s on God’s mind? Attributions of Divine Intent to Life Experiences
Johnnie Pedersen (UC Davies) Calibrating Cummins

Posters presentations will include:

Karolina Krzyżanowska (Groningen) What inferential conditionals can reveal about epistemic modals. An experimental study of evidentiality
Hossein Dabbagh (Reading) Empirical Moral Psychology meets Moderate Moral Intuitionism
Edward Jarvis, Testing for objectivism: issues to conside
David Moss (UEA) ‘Qualit(ative) not Quantit(ative)’: Experimental Philosophy, Meta-ethics and Methodology

Conference Organisers: James Andow (Nottingham), Bryony Pierce (Bristol), and Robin Scaife (Sheffield)

This event is supported by the Mind Association, and Philosophy Department and Graduate School of the University of Nottingham


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