Experimental Philosophy in 3-D

Many philosophers believe that regular people are “moral absolutists.” But is this actually true? A new experimental philosophy suggests the answer might not be so black-and-white.

Based on a paper titled “Folk Moral Relativism” by Hagop Sarkissian, John Park, David Tien, Jennifer Wright & Joshua Knobe.

Read the original paper HERE: http://bit.ly/16QAh0j

Video by Ben Coonley

Narrated by Amanda Palmer

The study illustrated in this video is just one example of a new movement called Experimental Philosophy (or “x-phi” for short). Experimental philosophers go after philosophical questions by taking the unusual approach of getting up out of their armchairs and going out to the streets to conduct empirical studies. If you want to learn more about experimental philosophy, here’s one place to start: http://pantheon.yale.edu/~jk762/Exper…


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